North Texas 3rd Grader Getting Jump Start on Career in Journalism

Chase Fanning decided to make his report a little extra special, using NBC 5 as his prop for breaking news

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A third grader from Prosper is doing something good, and has started early.

“Good evening. This is Chase Fanning coming to you live from the Channel 5 Newsroom. We have received a report that a meteor is headed straight for Earth. Its course will be, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter,  Mars.”

Chase’s mom, Ashleigh Fanning, told us this was all a part of a school project. Chase had to make a model of the solar system, and then make a short video naming the planets in order - if a meteor were headed from outer space towards the sun.

Well, Chase decided to make it a little extra special using NBC 5 as his prop for the breaking news.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have just heard from the astronauts of the international space station, the meteor has changed its trajectory,” said Chase in his breaking news report. ‘It’s going past Earth at Venus and Mercury and at 45,000 miles per hour and then it’s gonna hit the sun and then boom, the meteor is gone.”            

Great reporting, Chase! You’ve got a bright future.

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