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North Texas Luxury Pop-Up Service Creates Perfect Picnics

A Dallas woman discovered her side hustle after she and her friends organized a picnic

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The days of beautiful weather that will lure North Texans outdoors are on the way, and afternoon picnics will dot local parks.

A Dallas woman is ready to step in and do the work, so you can step up and enjoy.

Samaria Lara calls her business Perfectly Picnic, and it was her perfect solution when the pandemic sent everyone outdoors.

A picnic outing with friends turned into a side hustle, a luxury pop up service as she calls it.

"We set it up and it was so beautiful. So many people were walking by saying, 'Oh, that's gorgeous. Really? Thank you!' So, I decided I could actually make this a business. So I got registered, got an LLC, a website and I've been doing it now for two years," she said.

Lara sets up picnics across Dallas-Fort worth and also in New Braunfels in the Texas Hill Country.

From rustic to luxury; outdoors or indoors; romantic date for two or party for up to 22, she makes her clients ideas come to life. She does it all from set up to clean up.

Her charge starts at $125 and goes up depending on the number of guests, the decorations and food.

Lara is in her 20s with a full-time job as a financial counselor at a hospital during the week.

Weekends are spent on picnic outings at pretty places with wine, cheese, pizza, dessert or whatever the moment calls for.

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