Cowgirl Finally Gets Her Dream Date

A resident at a retirement community in Irving wrote a song about a cowgirl looking for a cowboy. So, the center made it happen.

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We all have dreams about things we'd like to do someday or people we'd like to meet. For 93-year-old Bonita Farmer, that dream recently came true.

Farmer lives at The Remington at Valley Ranch, a retirement community in Irving. Executive Director Lori Griffo says Farmer walks the halls singing a song she wrote, "I'm just a cowgirl looking for a cowboy." It inspired Griffo to make that dream come true.

Griffo called around to several places asking if a cowboy would show up and visit with Farmer. When she called Olde Tyme Carriage Company, a horse-drawn carriage service in Southlake, she got the answer she wanted.

Anne Murray said she get her husband to do it. And last week, Ken Murray the cowboy rode in on his horse, carrying yellow roses and took Farmer to lunch.

"Her dream date went off without a hitch! Bonita was so surprised, excited and overjoyed," Griffo wrote, "Within a few minutes, Bonita was singing Ken the song that inspired today’s Dream! It was very heartwarming."

For Ken's part, a lunch date is not normally something they do but he and Anne say Bonita's story "pulled at their heartstrings and who could resist?"

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