Slain Teacher's Friend Mourns Loss of Soul Mate

Angie B. Goode, Emily Lambert’s best friend for the past 18 years, said she’s devastated.

Lambert, a teacher in the Richardson Independent School District, was reported missing Saturday after being last seen in New Mexico where she was visiting a friend. Her body was found Tuesday afternoon by Carlsbad police, following a tip from her boyfriend Robert Earley, whose been arrested and charged with her murder.

“She was my soul mate, friend,” Goode said through tears. “She was my very best friend, ever. Ever. Eighteen years of friendship ... I feel like part of me is gone.”

Goode said she was wary of Earley when he and Lambert started dating.  Now she’s hoping the court system will bring justice to Lambert’s memory.

“The fact that we know he did it. We know what happened. It by no means makes it easier, but at least we have some knowledge. God will take care of him. He will have his own due. He will pay his own.”

“I would tell him that he’s sad. And pathetic. And that he took the mom of two beautiful little girls. Two little girls who will never know the full intensity of their mother.”

Through tears, Goode said she would give anything to see her best friend once more.

“I would just hug and hold her one last time — just to hold her. That’s all I want.”

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