Search for Person Who Shot Darts at Bobcat Kittens

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The search is on for the person who shot darts at bobcat kittens in Frisco. One kitten was left with a dart lodged in its eye. The other has one stuck in its leg.

Last week, Tricia Tate says she first noticed the clutter of bobcats, a mother and three kittens, near her home in Griffin Park.

They all appeared healthy when she recorded video of them hopping on her backyard fence. But about an hour later, Tate saw one kitten again, sitting under her trampoline with a dart stuck in its hind leg.

The kitten is seen limping off in cell phone video. Later, another kitten was spotted with a dart lodged in its eye.

“This was malicious, it was vicious. and it was something that needs to be stopped,” Tate said.

Frisco police and animal services say they’re investigating.

After several days, the Tates helped capture the kitten with the injured eye on Christmas Eve. She’s now recovering at the National Bobcat Rescue and Research Center located at Crosstimbers Ranch Wildlife Center in Terrell. She’s been named “Miracle.”

The kitten with the dart in its hind leg is still missing.

The Tates say a $300 reward is being offered for information leading to the person responsible.

Donations are also being collected to help cover the cost of veterinarian bills. Click here to donate to Crosstimbers Ranch Wildlife Center.

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