Police Recapture Inmate Who Slipped Out of Cuffs, Jumped From Dallas County Prison Van

Authorities have recaptured an inmate who escaped custody Monday by slipping out of his handcuffs and jumping from a van while being transported from Garland to Dallas.

The Dallas County Sheriff's Office announced he was rearrested Wednesday night in the 12900 block of Audelia near Walnut Street in Dallas. He was arrested without incident and is now in the Dallas County Jail.

The Dallas County Sheriff's Department tweeted Justin Gonzalez, 25, jumped from a van Monday. Officials said Gonzalez was handcuffed to another inmate, somehow managed to get out of his cuffs and move to the rear door of the van.

He then opened the door, jumped out and ran.

According to police, Gonzalez was arrested Sunday after being found in a car that was reported as stolen. The sheriff's department said he has been arrested in the past on several drug-related charges and for unlawfully carrying a weapon.

Anyone who sees Gonzalez should not try to apprehend him and should call sheriff's deputies at 214-749-8641.

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