Roadways Clear for Christmas

Winter blast doesn't slow Christmas drivers

Those dreaming of a white Christmas got just what they were asking for Thursday night. But with the good, comes the bad.

 "It was exciting, I didn't like the ice very much," said driver Suzanne Gillespie.

Another driver, Bob Lowry, agreed. "I thought that Texas is not really prepared for this kind of weather," he said.

That was something that became very apparent on the roads.

"Well, it was pretty nasty weather for Texas, I mean snow drifts in Fort Worth, who would ever think that?" said driver Tom Popken.

The snow turned into slush, which inevitably became ice, a major hazard for last minute shoppers in North Texas.

"I was out crazy last Christmas present shopping out on the highways and the cars were sliding around a little bit," Gillespie said.

Overnight, highways looked more like ice skating rinks. Cars slid out of control up in Denton. Even as early as Christmas morning, I-35E in Lancaster was shut down. But with sun in the forecast, drivers were not afraid to hit the roads by mid-afternoon.

"Because I knew the sun would melt the ice, I would have worried about it if I’d had to go out last night though," Lowry said.

And the outcome was just what he had expected. "Not a problem, dry as a bone." he said.

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