Researchers Find Cell Phone Bans Don't Work

Several North Texas cities have passed ordinances banning cell phone use while driving through school zones, but a Fort Worth-based research company is finding the measures don't work.

Speed Measurement Laboratories Inc. is monitoring school zones during active and off-hours. Researchers are comparing data from school zones where cell phones are banned and those without any restrictions.

The study finds about 8 to 9 percent of drivers continued to talk on their phones in school zones, regardless of city ordinances or posted warnings.

SML President Carl Fors said that unless the ordinances are enforced to a greater degree, people will continue to violate them.

"They [drivers] look at all these regulations ... as a suggestion," Fors said. "We can't depend on public cooperation to observe the speed limit or to stay off their phone."

The study also found women are twice as likely as men to disobey the cell phone ordinances.

SML said nothing short of state legislation or advanced technology will stop drivers from misusing cell phones.

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