North Texas

Rain Puts Damper on Christmas Decorating

This Thanksgiving weekend won’t be the same for many North Texans who normally spend it putting up outdoor lights for Christmas.

“It’s just very dangerous,” said North Hills Hospital’s Dr. Curtis Johnson, “and especially with the wet conditions, it’s going to be even more dangerous.”

“You’re standing on a wet ladder that’s grounded to the ground, then you touch something that’s plugged in. That’s just a set up for an electrocution,” said Johnson.

Even in dry weather, the days after Thanksgiving are among the busiest at hospital emergency rooms, with doctors treated people seriously injured by falling off ladders and rooftops trying to put up outdoor Christmas lights.

“Head injuries, head bleeds, broken back, paralysis, we see the whole gamut,” said Johnson. “These are not just, oh I broke my wrist and need to wear a splint. Some of these can be life altering.”

With heavy rain in the forecast, professional installers from The Christmas Light Company worked well past dark Wednesday night to finish wrapping the trees at Addison’s Village on the Parkway.

“We know the rain is coming,” said Antonio Garcia of The Christmas Light Company. “We don’t want to risk our employees being out there with the water. The metal ladders and electricity doesn’t mix too well.”

The crews take all sorts of safety precautions – using tall ladders and bucket trucks, and working in teams to prevent injuries on the job – and they won’t be working in the rain this weekend.

“We’ll be working inside, working on the interior trees and things like that,” said Garcia.

“I recommend that you don’t do anything at all on any ladders while it’s wet outside,” said Garcia. “It’s just very dangerous and do not do it.”

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