Jury Sentences Ex-Husband to 85 Years in Deanna Cook Murder

A jury sentenced Delvecchio Patrick to 85 years in prison Tuesday for the 2012 murder of his ex-wife, Deanna Cook.

Patrick was found guilty in Cook's death Friday after a week-long trial.

The victim's daughters gave impact statements in court after the sentence was handed down Tuesday and Patrick laughed at one of the girls before heading off to serve his long sentence.

"I hope you get raped," Cook's daughter Aniya Williams responded. "You laughed. It's not funny."

A jury sentenced Delvecchio Patrick to 85 years in prison Tuesday for the murder of his ex-wife, Deanna Cook.

The jury began deliberating the punishment for Patrick about 2 p.m. and returned with a decision about 4:30 pm. Prosecutors asked for a life sentence. Patrick's defense attorney suggested as little as five years.

The defendant's mother, Toni Patrick, told the jury her son has two young children of his own.

"He has a family that really loves him and a close-knit family. He has a father that's got very bad health problems and I wish you would have mercy and lenience on my son Delvecchio Patrick," she said.

A recording of Cook's frantic 911 call for help on Aug. 17, 2012, was a key part of the evidence against Patrick. She identified Patrick by his nickname on the call as she pleaded with him to stop the attack. The recording was played again for the jury Tuesday and some of Cook's relatives left as it was, overcome with emotion about the disturbing screams.

Her family found Cook strangled and drowned in a bathtub two days later. The case brought promises of Dallas emergency response reform and helped spark a Dallas crusade against domestic violence, led by Mayor Mike Rawlings.


"And we want this to not happen to any other family," Cook's sister, Karletha Gundy said after the sentence. "We want to educate our nieces and other young women on what a healthy relationship is. So that's our focus right now."

Cook's relatives said they are satisfied with the 85-year sentence.

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