Protesters Gather for Third Day in Downtown Dallas

For a third day in a row protesters were in front of Dallas police headquarters on Wednesday.

They were holding signs and chanting massages in disapproval of Ferguson, Mo, police officer Darren Wilson not getting indicted in the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown.

About 30 people gathered at the protest Wednesday and marched about mile on sidewalks. It was unlike the night before when hundreds of people marched through the streets of Dallas and dozens stopped traffic along Interstate I-35E.

On Wednesday the demonstrators were joined by three members of "Come and Take It Texas," armed with assault rifles. The group, which advocates for Second Amendment rights, said they were there to protect businesses from looters.

It was a peaceful protest Wednesday where demonstrators say the size of the protest doesn't make a difference.

“Anybody that’s coming out, whether it’s five, 10, 15 or whatever may be, we are going to still keep on going,” said Dominique Alexander, who protested Wednesday. “We’re not stopping because there are about five people that showed up.”

There were no arrests or injuries related to the protest Wednesday in Dallas.

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