87th Texas Legislature

Proposed Bill Would Implement an Active Shooter Alert

If passed, the alert would notify individuals within 50-miles when an active shooter is present

Emergency Phone Alerts

State Representatives from both parties are considering creating an active shooter alert system that would notify individuals within a 50-mile radius when a shooter is present.

HB 103, filed Thursday by State Rep. Brooks Landgraf (R- Odessa), Morgan Meyer (R-Dallas), Ryan Guillen (D- Starr), and John Kuempel (R-Dallas) would amend the bill to add an active shooter alert system to the law that currently includes school active shooter training and addition of school district peace officers and research officers.

In order for this to happen, the bill calls for the help of public and commercial television and radio broadcasters, mobile telephone service providers, private commercial entities, state or local governmental entities, the public, and others to help to develop the system.

The alert would be released if a law enforcement agency has identified an active shooter nearby and if they believe the release of the shooter's location could help others. Once the local law agencies can verify the information using a preliminary investigation and can give a location and cues to help identify the shooter the alert will be released.

After release, the alert would only end if the active shooter situation is resolved or officials deem the alert system ineffective.

If passed, the Act will take effect on Wednesday, Sept. 1.

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