Professional BMX Rider Pulls Stunt on Fort Worth Landmark

Matt Olson said he only had one shot -- and nailed it. 

On his ride up and down the arches along Fort Worth’s 7th Street Bridge Saturday afternoon everything came together.  Not too much wind, not too much traffic and just the right amount of danger.

“When I was going up and over the top of those things, it was really a judgment call over how much and when to use my brakes and really hit that bottom piece of the slant and be able to get up the other side. But the scariest part was pedaling up it," explained Olson.  "If you start slowing down you get the tip factor and you don’t have much room to fall there.”

The BMX stunt pro, who splits time between his home in Arizona and in Fort Worth, has entertained crowds at Dallas Mavericks halftime shows and the State Fair of Texas.

His audience Saturday was just his film crew (DECO BMX), a few passers-by and at the end a police officer who let him off with a warning.

Olson has had plenty of warnings about how dangerous his career choice is. He’s suffered 13 concussions, had three knee surgeries, a ruptured spleen and had his front teeth (and replacement front teeth) knocked out seven times.

But the 25-year-old isn’t deterred by injuries and said he’s got more stunts planned around the Fort Worth area soon.

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