Police Officer Saves Life, Home: Colleyville Resident

A Colleyville resident credits a police officer with saving her life and her home after the officer noticed that lightning had struck her home and started a fire, according to the City of Colleyville.

Police Sgt. Kevin Walling noticed the fire and went to check on the home. 

"Had Sgt. Walling not been in my driveway I would not have known what happened and had no idea my roof was on fire," homeowner Ava Fryer said. "He saved my life and my home, along with the best firemen on the planet."

Firefighters responded and Fryer said there was minor damage to her home. 

Fryer thanked the firefighters by preparing dinner for them and thanked Walling by commending him at a City Council meeting on Tuesday.

"Ms. Fryer's thanks is much appreciated, but I was just doing my job," Walling said.

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