Police: Officer Admitted to Taking K-9 Training Narcotics

A 17-year veteran of the Grapevine Police Department faces drug charges after he admitted to stealing drugs from the department, authorities said.

Senior Officer Danny Macchio reported to the Fort Worth Police Department Oct. 17 that his patrol car had been burglarized, authorities said. He told police that K-9 training narcotics and his personal firearm were missing.

Police said Macchio was required to submit a urinalysis Oct. 20 as a part of the internal investigation, but one of his relatives told police that he was missing.

Shortly after, Macchio was located by police in Dumas, Texas, and returned home by Grapevine police officers.

Grapevine police said Macchio confessed to an officer that his police vehicle was not burglarized and he had ingested some of the training narcotics. He then surrendered the missing narcotics and the firearm he claimed was stolen.

Macchio was placed on administrative leave Oct. 24 while police investigate, authorities said.

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