Police Investigate After Kids are Approached by Strangers in Different Cities

Police in Grapevine and Hurst say they are investigating after two kids reported being approached by strangers.

Investigators in Grapevine say a man called police on Monday, stating that someone approached his 10-year-old son at about 3:30 p.m. Monday afternoon along Wilshire Avenue and asked him if he wanted a free ride home.

The boy did not recognize the driver and took off running, the parent said.

Grapevine police are now working with the school district and have increased patrols around Heritage Elementary School.

On Tuesday, investigators in Hurst said a 9-year-old girl was approached by a man as she walked home from school on the 900 block of Plaza Drive near Harrison Lane Elementary School.

Officers said the girl noticed a black van without back windows that drove up and ended up parking behind her. She said the man then got out of the van and started walking towards her, so she she took off.

The girl gave the Hurst Police Department a description of the van as a black van that was very dirty, with no back windows and light-blue colored hubcaps.

Hurst police said no criminal offense is being investigated, but they are urging anyone who may have any additional information to give them a call.

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