North Richland Hills

Police Ask for Help Identifying North Richland Hills Theft Suspect

Police are looking for a woman who used a "quick change" technique to steal money from a North Richland Hills grocery store.

The North Richland Hills Police Department is asking the public for help identifying a woman who stole money from a grocery store.

Police say the woman presented money to a grocery store cashier and asked for change. She allegedly used a "quick change" technique to confuse the cashier and left the grocery store with more cash than she had when she entered.

The "quick change" technique involves paying for small items with a large bill, asking for change, then distracting the cashier with conversation. The customer ultimately says that he has changed his mind and opts to pay with a smaller bill. If the cashier accepts the smaller bill and forgets that he has already made change for the larger bill, the customer will walk away with more money than he had initially.

Anyone with information about the woman who used this technique in North Richland Hills should call 817-427-7030.

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