Plano Girl Shows Real Spirit of Valentine's Day

7-year-old sells valentines for best friend with cystic fibrosis

A 7-year-old Plano girl is pouring her heart into some very special valentines for a young neighbor.

It's easy to hear Violet inhaling and exhaling because of cystic fibrosis. At first, Violet's best friend Savannah couldn't even pronounce the disease.

"My mom was like "cystic fibrosis," and she just kept saying it over and over and over, so I got the hang of it." Savannah said.

She wanted to help her friend, so she started making Valentine's Day cards.

Without telling anyone, the girl set a goal of $100 and started selling them door-to-door. In just a few days, she made $67.

Savannah's charitable act was a surprise to everyone.

"One of my neighbors called and said she had just bought some Valentines for Violet." said Rebecca Dixon, Violet's mother. " I cried about 30 times when I first found out about it, and then when I bought the cards."

The cards quickly sold out, forcing Savannah to get more paper to make more cards.

"I just ran all out, and I'm like 'Uh-oh, what should I do now?'" she said.

Savannah's mother, Kellye Conley, said her daughter always wants to help people, no matter what.

"She wanted to go to Africa and give all the little kids shoes," Conley said. "We can't afford to do that, but she did want to help Violet. That we can do."

Savannah said she just wanted to help her friend on Valentine's Day.

"No matter how big or small you are, you can find a way to help others," she said.

Violet's mother said her daughter has a tough time ahead, but knows she'll be just fine with friends such as Savannah.

"She knows that Savannah loves her. She knows that Savannah made these cards and they're called Valentines for Violet, but I don't think Violet yet understands what her life is going to be like," Dixon said.

On Friday morning, Rebecca Dixon said she had received $250 dollars in donations for Valentine's for Violet.

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