Picture Perfect Robbery

Robber in Balch Springs shows his face.

Balch Springs police fear someone will get hurt if they don't catch a violent robbery suspect soon.

The suspect has robbed the Valero gas station on June Road in Balch Springs twice in less than a week. He is also the suspect in a Feb. 9 robbery in Mesquite.

In each case, police said the man is becoming more violent. In the second robbery, the clerk told investigators he had a knife, and in the third, he brandished a handgun.

"His violence is potentially escalating," said Balch Springs Police Chief Ed Morris, "Fortunately no one has gotten hurt yet."

Investigators are reviewing survellience tapes from the convenience stores. In each of the robberies the suspect wears only sunglasses to disguise his appearance, but in the second robbery, he didn't put them on until after entering the store.

Survellience cameras caught a clear image of the suspect's face, and investigators are hoping it will help help them solve this case.

"If someone recognizes him, it will be easy to identify him." said Morris.

Anyone who recognizes the man is asked to call Crime Stoppers or the Balch Springs Police Department at 972-557-6014.

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