Pharmacies Report Dwindling Supply of Flu Vaccine

If you’re looking for a flu shot, your best bet may be to check with your doctor or call ahead to your pharmacy to make sure they have the vaccine in stock.

Some local pharmacies, like Dougherty’s in North Dallas, are reporting running out of vaccines.  Dougherty's, for example, gave their last dose on Wednesday.

Some retail chains are also mixed bags. Some Walgreens’ stores report they are out while others were expecting shipments that day.

“It was unbelievable. I really thought, because everything you’ve seen and read, that there’s so much around. But when you really needed it, it wasn’t here. It was kind of amazing,” said Lynn Fisher.

Larry Carter was waiting in line behind Fisher for his flu shot. Carter, too, had called around and found flu shots weren't so easy to come by.

“I checked yesterday and they were out. I came back today and they had them back in,” said Carter.

Pharmacists we’ve spoken to said they are seeing over the counter flu medicine flying off of the shelves, along with masks.

Every day, they are also filling more and more Tamiflu prescriptions.

“We have plenty of Tamiflu and we are filling for children and adults,” said Wayne McMeans, a pharmacist at Dougherty’s pharmacy.

While the vaccine may be tough to locate locally due to the outbreak, there is no national shortage of the vaccine. If you have trouble locating a flu shot, keep trying -- more shipments of the vaccine are expected to be shipped every day.

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