4 Passengers, 1 Crewmember Injured on American Airlines Flight From Seoul to DFW

Five people were injured Tuesday morning when an American Airlines flight en route from Seoul, South Korea, to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport encountered severe turbulence while cruising at altitude.

Flight 280 to DFW was diverted to Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan, Tuesday morning after encountering the turbulence.

Dallas attorney Marc Stanley was onboard the flight and captured pictures and video on his cell phone.

He says he says the turbulence came with no warning and lasted, on and off, for nearly an hour.

"Without warning whatsoever, the plane just dropped and people started, you know, people were screaming," said Stanley.

His video and pictures show a passenger with an ice pack to her head and a woman in a neck brace. He says they were warned not to step the ground without shoes because of broken glass.

Andrea Huguely with American said everyone on board Flight 280 was evaluated by medical personnel and that four passengers and one member of the crew were hospitalized for further treatment. 

Huguely also said none of the injuries are were life-threatening.

"American Airlines Flight 280 will not continue on to DFW today. Passengers have been transported to hotels and will continue their travel to DFW tomorrow. Our team in Tokyo will continue to provide all necessary support to take care of our passengers and crew," said Huguely.

The Boeing 777-200 was due to arrive at DFW Airport just after 3 p.m. on Tuesday. American Airlines said the plane had 240 passengers on board and 15 crew members.

Many passengers are expected to arrive at DFW on a new flight Wednesday morning.

NBC 5's Bianca Castro contributed to this report.

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