Noelle Walker

Orlando Victim's Father Tells Son He's One of the Lucky Ones

Families gathered Sunday at Orlando Regional Medical Center to check on their loved ones injured in the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub overnight Saturday.

"I saw him and I hugged him," said Angel Castro, whose 26-year old son was shot three times in the attack. "He was hit in the leg, upper hip, and through the hand."

There were more than 300 people inside the club when gunman, 29-year old Omar Mateen, opened fire. "He heard the popping and thought it was part of the music," Catro said he son told him. One-third of the people inside Pulse were either killed or wounded. 

"God has given you another chance," Catro said he told his son.

At a nearby park, a crowd gathered Sunday night for a candlelight vigil. 

"My parents were, of course, blowing up my phone, asking if I was OK," said Ciarra de Britto. "I'm here for the people who couldn't respond to their parents this morning." 

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