An Arlington teenager sent so many text messages earlier this year that her bill looked like a small book.

"The phone bill was 203 pages from all the text message she sent. I guess her only interests are sending text messages, considering how many she sent." said the teenagers grandmother, Virginia Hansen.

According to 16 year-old Kristen Crawford's bill, from late March to early April of 2008, the teenager sent 44,556 text messages.

The staggering number amounts to about 1,485 text messages a day. So, how did she do it?

According to her grandmother, she was texting all day.

"She got in big trouble that month with the family. She text messaged all day from school and all night." Hansen said.

Luckily for the family, Kristen's text messaging prowess won't cost the family too much. A copy of the bill faxed to NBC 5 shows that the family's phone plan pays for unlimited text messages. 

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