Oklahoma Becomes 12th State to Report Enterovirus

Oklahoma has confirmed it has cases of enterovirus-68, making it the 12th state in the country with cases of the illness.

So far, enterovirus-68 has caused 130 children to become sick, and doctors say it's a matter of time before the virus arrives in North Texas.

Dr. Cedric Spak is an infectious disease doctor at Baylor Dallas and has not seen any cases just yet.
He said doctors, however, are prepared to test for the illness and to deal with it.

"Now that we know that it's in Oklahoma, we're going to start testing more to see when's the first case coming to North Texas," said Spak. "There is no vaccine for enterovirus. There is no treatment for enterovirus. It's going to be kind of like the common cold. It's going to come. It's going to do it's thing, and it's going to move on."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintains the virus is not causing an epidemic and that its monitoring systems have not picked up any national increase in respiratory disease.

No child has ever been reported to have died from the virus.

The CDC reports most children will exhibit flu-like symptoms and get better on their own.

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