NTTA Opens SH161, Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge

The North Texas Tollroad Authority has been busy opening new roadways over the last few days.  On Saturday, the NTTA opened the $122 million Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge while on Monday they opened another stretch of state Highway 161.

On Saturday, the NTTA opened the $122 million, 1.7-mile, four-lane Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge.  The bridge links Swisher Road in Lake Dallas with Eldorado Parkway in Lakewood Village.  Crossing the bridge will cost drivers $1 if they have a TollTag or $1.50 without one.

On Monday, drivers can now hop on state Highway 161 south from state Highway 183 in Irving.  The tollroad goes south to Egyptian Way, just north of Interstate 30 in Grand Prairie.  The additional roadway gives north/south drivers a great alternative to state Highway 360 to the west and Loop 12 to the east.

The toll for the five-mile stretch of road will cost TollTag drivers $.78.  Drivers without a TollTag will pay $1.17.

The tollroad will eventually run as far south as Interstate 20 in south Grand Prairie and as far Northeast as Garland.

The NTTA expects about 20,000 drivers to use the road every day.

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