North Texas Sisters Fight a Battle with a Rare Heart Disease.

Both girls in need of life-saving heart transplants.

Doctors say both Emily and Shayde Van Noy need heart transplants for restrictive cardiomyopothy. The disease keeps the heart from properly working.

Seven year old Emily had her transplant early this Monday morning, after a 3am phone call alerted her to a match.

'My phone rang, and i thought for a moment not to answer it, and I grabbed it, and saw it was a 214 number, and I knew." said Natalie Van Noy, mother of the two girls.

Both girls have been on the transplant list for nine months.

'It has been hell. Waiting. That's been the hardest part, especially since five months ago, we had a heart, got up here, and it didn't go through." Natalie said. 

Dr. Kristine Guleserian, M.D. teaches at UT Southwestern and also is the surgical director of pediatric cardiac transplantation an Children's Medical Center of Dallas. 'Dr. G' as her patients call her, says restrictive cardiomyopothy is rare.

'For one person to have that, it's one in a million. Not many may have this disease, but for two children in the same family, it's extraordinarily rare." Dr. Gulesarian said.

After her tedious surgery, doctors say Emily is recovering just fine.

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