North Texas

North Texas Family Packs Up Ahead of More Flooding

It’s been an emotional and unexpected 24 hours for mom Kathy Barta, who spent Tuesday packing up her house and wondering if she would ever live there again.

Barta, her husband and her son, Nolan, prepared to leave their home in the Denton County town of Aubrey amid flooding concerns.

“Nothing’s organized," she said in a rush. "Everything’s just thrown into boxes. We’re just grabbing pictures and clothes."

The Bartas' home — area between Lake Ray Roberts and a creek — sitting in an nearly flooded the past weekend with the torrential rain that’s poured down on North Texas. A few days ago, the water was halfway up the family's lawn.

“It kind of feels like a dream," Barta said. "Just waiting for somebody to wake us up and tell us it’s not really happening,” she said.

In the coming days, meteorologists predict several more inches of rain for North Texas. Barta said there’s a very good chance her house will flood.

“This was our dream. We built our house and bought all this land,” said Barta. “We’re so close and to start over would just, it’d be really hard."

But the reason she and her family won’t be able to move back in isn’t because of the water, it’s because of the couple’s 12-year-old son, Nolan, who has an extreme allergy to mold and fungus.

Nolan admitted that he was afraid.

"If like water gets in there, I can’t stay there a long time," he said. "I have to go somewhere else.”

The family said they’ll stay with family members during the next several days and pray the rain misses their home.

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