North Texas Community Steps Up to Support Our Schools

Saturday is the final day of NBC 5's "Supporting Our Schools" drive, which will help students across North Texas start the new school year on the right foot by providing them with the supplies they need to succeed.

To participate, simply head to any local Tom Thumb or Albertson's store. Then, when you are ready to check out, tell the cashier you would like to make a $10 donation to support our schools. They will add the donation onto your total bill - and you are good to go.

That money will be used to purchase new school supplies, which will then be donated to two local organizations that will put them directly into the hands of students.

"It's amazing what something so small to you and I, and to the shoppers that donate $10 to this supply drive, what that really means to these students," said Cory Henderson, vice president of development for Communities in Schools North Texas, which is one of the groups receiving the supplies. "Their eyes get big and they get really excited to go back to school and start."

During last year's Supporting Our Schools drive, $369,000 worth of supplies went to more than 25,000 kids across North Texas. This year's total is on track to surpass that.

"It's a great message of, 'You're important, we want you to succeed in school and in education,'" said Dana Vilardi, executive director of the Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities, which is also receiving donated supplies. 

Both groups noted that kids who do not have the supplies they need to start the school year immediately fall behind both academically and socially. And the need is great.

"We find our students' families deciding, 'Do I buy school supplies or do I put food on the table for my kids?'" said Henderson - a question they will no longer have to answer, thanks to the generosity of the North Texas community.

Donations will be accepted through 11:59pm Saturday.

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