Lenny Kravitz Joins Church Group in Impromptu Jam Session

Rock star sings, plays drums with choir

Lenny Kravitz gave some high school students from Lewisville, Texas, a moment to remember during their mission trip to New Orleans.

The Voice of Praise choir from the First Baptist Church in Lewisville was performing at a New Orleans park -- singing "Fly Away" by Kravitz -- when the rock star walked up and joined them in an impromptu jam session.

“It was the last performance of the trip, but we had been performing all over the place," said 17-year-old Mike Smeaton. "And, you know, just as a warm-up to get people attracted to it, we would jam a little bit beforehand.”

Smeaton said almost everyone immediately recognized the big star.

"Fort those in the choir that didn't know, it spread pretty quick," he said.

"I was just sitting up on the terrace having a drink, and I hear some strange music," Kravitz says in a video as he approaches the choir.

After watching and dancing to the music for a few minutes, Kravitz joins in, first playing drums -- and jamming with Smeaton, the choir's guitar player -- and then singing.

“He was just grooving for a while -- and that was the weirdest part, because I’m sitting there singing his own song to him, but then he started grooving on the drums, and it was fantastic,” Smeaton said.

He said the choir was starstruck after the rocker left.

"He did shake hands with the band, and we got a brief word in on stage, but nothing more than that," Smeaton said.

But Smeaton said the jam session was an unforgettable experience.

The Voice of Praise choir is now back in North Texas -- and already looking forward to its next celebrity encounter.

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