North Texas Children Unite to Help Harvey Evacuees

Celebrities are digging deep into their bank accounts to donate to Southeast Texas relief efforts and help those who live there find new life after Harvey.

Yet, it's the actions of children we showed off in today's "Tell Me Something Good.

The Chatburn Chowdown Charity in Fort Worth was a neighborhood fundraiser benefiting children and pets displaced during Hurricane Harvey.

Jocelyn Tatum said 16 kids who live on Chatburn Court in the Berkeley Place neighborhood set up a food cart with home-baked items. The children then asked for donations of items such as toys, books, diapers, baby wipes and pet food. 

Tatum says the children raised $2,000 and packed SUVs with donated items for Harvey victims.

“I watched my parents go through this when Katrina hit their home in New Orleans," she said. "They were displaced for nearly six months until they finally decided to never go back. Most of their friends never went back. It took them 11 years to sell their home down there, having to pay two mortgages. I can’t imagine what life after Hurricane Harvey is going to be like for the evacuees. Our neighborhood wants to make sure the children have something that comforts them during a time that must be so confusing."

Students at Houston Elementary School in the Lancaster Independent School District are doing their part, too. Fourth graders at the school and their teachers talked about the devastation, and they all felt an instant connection to the city whose name they share. They decided to launch a campus-wide donation drive in partnership with the Red Cross.

“It’s appropriate because of the namesake. If anyone was going to lead the charge, it should be the school with the same name.” Houston elementary principal Tatanisha Stevenson-Sparks said, "Houston mentioned in the media, it digs at your heart strings because that is also our moniker.”

Students, staff, parents and community members turned a conference into a collection center for items like deoderant, soap, towels toothpaste and toothbrushes that are now on their way to Houston. 

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