North Texans Tired of Cold, Ready for Spring

The snow may not have fallen like it did Thursday, but frigid temperatures hung around Friday and many in North Texas say they’re over it.

After spending a chilly Friday afternoon loading up their equipment truck, the Texas Rangers emphatically declared it was time for them to head to sunny Arizona for spring training.
“I tell you what, it’s days like today that make Arizona smell a whole lot better,” said Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux.  “It’s like 70 degrees out there, which is probably 50 degrees warmer than us.”

Many people said they’re not warming up to the cold spell that’s had its grip on North Texas for most of the week – especially now that the snow is gone.

“It doesn’t look as beautiful,” said Harjot Singh, a student at The University of Texas at Arlington.  “It’s not white everywhere.  And it’s just cold.”

Temperatures were so cold at UTA fountains on campus completely froze over.  While students said that made for some cool photo ops they admit it hasn’t been fun walking outside.

“I actually hate it,” said Astrid Mendez, a student at UTA.  “I hate walking back and forth in between buildings.  It’s really, really cold.”

It was also cold enough to freeze over slides at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.  Park staff said while the pictures they snapped and posted to their Facebook page are nice to look it, they’d prefer things to be a little less snow-covered with just three weeks to go before Six Flags Over Texas opens for the season.

Many others agree that they’d like to see more spring, less winter -– and soon.

“I’m very looking forward to the warm weather,” said Mendez.

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