North Texans Airlines Top Award Availability Survey

Many of us have a favorite airline or two that we fly, perhaps even a credit card linked to an airline to get miles. When you go to book a seat, sometimes if can be hard to actually find one.

A survey from the group IdeaWorks measures how easy it is to get a ticket using the lowest amount of awards miles.

Dallas-based Southwest won first place for having the most seats available for the least amount of miles.

When counting only U.S. airlines, JetBlue was number two and Fort Worth-based American Airlines came in at number three.

Southwest was number one last year as well but this is a huge improvement for American which has been near the bottom of the survey for several years.

American's management promised frequent flyers they would do better and this year they came through.

"I'm in a top elite tier on American Airlines, I was having a hard time finding seats and if that's the case that's great for everybody,” said Onur Inanoglu.

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