New Year's Starts ‘No Refusal' Weekend

The signs are out on North Texas highways, New Year's Eve starts a "No Refusal" weekend.

For drivers, that means if a driver is pulled over on suspection of DWI and they refuse the standard field sobriety test, officers will place them under arrest.

County and Municipal jails will have judges on site to sign warrants, as well as having nursing staff available to draw blood and determine if a driver is intoxicated.  Some smaller police departments will take suspects directly to hospitals for blood samples after a warrant is signed.

Texas continues to lead the nation with drunk driving related deaths, a status the Lone Star State has unfortunately held since the mid 1990's. Alcohol-related fatalities are the commonly stated reason behind the "No Refusal Law."

Nearly every Police agency in the Metroplex is doing special holiday enforcement starting on New Year's Eve.

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