New Type of Traffic Light Up and Running in Plano

The pedestrian beacon was installed at the intersection of Bluebonnet Trail and Alma Drive.

A new traffic signal in Plano is causing some drivers to do a double take.

It's called a pedestrian beacon. 

It was installed last month where Bluebonnet Trail intersects with Alma Drive. 

The lights make the shape of an upside-down triangle.

A yellow light on the bottom warns drivers to slow down. 

Two red lights on top mean stop. 

"Don't freak out if the signal is dark. It's supposed to stay that way. You only see colors when pedestrians are trying to cross the intersection," said Plano transportation engineer Rama Dhanikonda.

The lights were installed to help pedestrians safely cross busy Alma Road. 

The city of Plano is looking to add the lights at five other intersections.

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