North Texas

New Arlington City Fleet Clears Streets of Debris After Storms

After a storm hits North Texas, residents know the streets can be littered with debris and can cause obstacles as emergency crews and utility workers respond to the scene.

That's why Arlington has created a team to respond and clear roadways of debris so those essential services can reach where they need to go.

The city has two emergency response trailers with the Department of Public Works, which have already been deployed this storm season.

"We're just glad we got some and it will help us get out there quicker and it is equipped with everything you need -- gloves, glasses, safety glasses -- everything you would need so you wouldn't have to hunt it up," said Public Works Supervisor Tony Griggs said. "You can get it and go."

At the first hint of bad weather, public works teams are put on standby.

Each trailer is packed with chainsaws, water pumps, generators and everything needed to get debris out of streets, sidewalks, channels and drainage systems.

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