Grand Prairie Police

Nearly 300 Animals Saved From Cruelty in Grand Prairie Tuesday

Grand Prairie Animal Services believe the animals were used in a half-million-dollar bird fighting operation

Cockfighting Ring Philadelphia
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Nearly 300 live animals including roosters, hens, and chicks were saved from cruelty and the possibility of death on Tuesday due to work from Grand Prairie Animal Services, Grand Prairie Police Detectives, and the non-profit organization Animal Investigation and Response.

Police used a search warrant and found the animals in the 1400 block of Corral Road along with gaffs and knives, typically used for cockfighting.

In addition, police reported finding cash, medications, supplements, syringes, and more things used to help roosters to fight each other.

The animals were transported to multiple facilities, including the Tri-City Animal Shelter.

Grand Prairie Animal Services says the investigation is ongoing.

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