Mother's Day Scam Claims to Offer Big Discounts

You may have seen the ads on Facebook: big retailers offering $50 coupons to celebrate Mother's Day. These deals are too good to be true.

The scam on Facebook started with a fake coupon that looks like Lowe's is just giving away $50 to everyone.

NBC 5 Responds learned these fake coupons included Home Depot, Target and IKEA.

To get the coupon, users click on the ad in Facebook. It then takes you to a page that looks just like you're on the retailers' site. It asks you to take a quick survey to redeem the coupon.

We've learned that it's a phishing scam intended to steal your personal information and there is no coupon at the end of this so called deal.

Lowe's tells NBC 5 Responds they are aware of the scam and want customers to only trust online coupons on their actual website.

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