North Texas

Mobile Community Center Rolls Into Las Vegas Trail Area

City close to announcing plans for permanent community center

Fort Worth city leaders brought a community center on wheels to the troubled Las Vegas Trail neighborhood while they work to open a permanent one.

"The folks told us during four months of town halls and just listening to folks, that's what they want here," said Fort Worth Councilman Brian Byrd, who has spearheaded revitalization efforts. "I get it. I agree with them."

Byrd said the neighborhood south of Interstate 30, which has been plagued by poverty and crime, needs a community center so children will have a place to go to stay off the streets.

The city is talking about buying the west-side YMCA in some kind of financial arrangement with a non-profit.

In the meantime, a 45-foot bus owned by Catholic Charities will be used as a "mobile" community center.

It arrived in the neighborhood on Thursday, offering help to people looking for jobs.

Other services will be offered in the coming weeks such as food and English classes.

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