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Mentors Help Students Learn To Code Smartphone Apps

Almost every school everywhere is doing something with coding and robotics. Educators are preparing students for careers in science and technology.

At Williams High in Plano they’re taking things a step further and not just teaching coding but challenging students to design, program, and build their very own app about anything they want.

Student Ian Shepley and his team chose to make a game.

“It’s like pong with a twist. It involves two wizards in a dungeon and their job is to attack the other wizard”, said Shepley.

They’re going under the hood and learning what it takes to create their favorite fun time waster

“It comes with its challenges. At first it was a chore to create all this and figure it all out. After a while you become involved and you start to understand how the system works,” said Shepley.

The students got some help from computer science programmers at Capital One, who volunteer their time at Williams High. They give advice, feedback, and help the students marry their app dreams with reality.

There’s a group of girls who took their love for fashion design and made an app that helps you design your own clothes.

Teachers say the coding program has really allowed them to reach out to students into computer science and help them see it’s potential in whatever field they want to pursue.

The students got awards for the best apps with prizes like Chromebooks and tablets.

It got a lot of students motivated and on the path of checking out a career in coding.

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