Dallas Mavs Replacing Dance Squad With Entertainment Squad

Dallas Mavericks fans will see fewer flashy moves at games.

The dance squad will be replaced with a new entertainment squad.

In a statement, Mavs owner Mark Cuban said instead of a formal dance squad, they want a wider variety of performers to entertain fans.

Those types of acts include jugglers, illusionists, stunt performers, comedy acts, ventriloquists and dancing animals.

The Mavs stressed that they're not getting rid of dancers entirely.

The team says current Mavs dancers, the Mavs Maaniacs and drummers will be invited to try out.

For years, the Mavs dancers and Maaniacs have entertained fans during breaks.

But last year, new CEO Cynt Marshall announced the dancers would show less skin and tone down their routines.

It came after a sexual harassment scandal shook up the Mavs front office.

Marshall, who used to work at AT&T was brought in to clean up the culture.

But for former dancers like Whitney Foster, eliminating the dance team was the wrong move. 

“I feel like that we are the lowest hanging fruit because it’s easy to go after women in organizations," said Foster.

Foster was on the team for four years before transitioning to train hopeful Mavs Dancers. She hopes the decision to put an end to the team will be revisited and reversed. 

"We’re so focused on culture, culture, culture, but we’re missing a big part of the culture which is us as dancers. We’re a huge part of this organization," said Foster.

Kitty Carter, who's got nearly 50 years experience training young dancers for professional careers, worries this move by the Mavs could signify a bigger shift. 

“This is going to be detrimental to the NFL, basketball, college pom because that’s really the only thing girls in Dallas have to do after college. There’s nothing else," said Carter.

Though she understands the push to make game time entertainment more family friendly, she doesn't believe that should've resulted in the elimination of the team.

“Just make it appropriate for everyone. You don’t have to get rid of it. Just make it appropriate," said Carter.

Tryouts for the entertainment squad will be held in July. They'll release more information in the next few weeks.

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