Mavericks Partner With Dallas-Based App ‘5 Miles'

The Dallas Mavericks announced a new partnership on Tuesday at the American Airlines Center with 5 Miles, a Dallas-based app where buyers and sellers can trade goods.

"We've never done anything as big, as far as a branding and advertising, so this is definitely a big step up for us," said Garwin Chan, the chief financial officer for 5 Miles.

The announcement of the partnership comes just weeks after allegations of sexual misconduct against former Mavs team president Terdema Ussery.

"I think any negative headlines you see with a partner right before you announce a partnership is always going to have some impact," Chan said.

However, 5 Miles moved forward with the deal.

"We find Mark [Cuban]'s team to truthful, and they were very upfront with us as far as what going on, and how they are responding to it, so we've been able to take comfort in that," Chan said.

The orange "5 Miles" logo will soon be placed in the arena and on the Mavs players' jerseys.

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