Dallas Mavericks

Some Mavericks fans feeling sick and mad over third loss in the NBA Finals

Mavs fell to the Celtics Wednesday night to make the series 0-3

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A barbershop is where no topic is brushed off.

“They cheated us last night,” customer Filmore Downs said while sitting in a barber’s chair. “Luka fouled out. We all know that last foul was not foul.”

At Graham's Barber College in Fair Park, there were strong emotions about the Dallas Mavericks' loss.

“I’m not going to lie, I was a little mad,” barber Jeremiah Allen said.

“I feel sick,” Downs said. “It’s sickening. It hurts. It’s like being sold a dream.”

They also have ideas on where the problems could be.

“The problem is can Jason Kidd coach us through it?” Allen questioned. “Can he coach us through it? We’ve been struggling.”

“First quarter and second quarter we come out up,” Downs said. “We are on fire. We can’t be stopped.  Halftime come back and I don’t know who we got. We got high school JV team.”

Downs cut straight to the point with this pep talk for the team.

“We’re the Dallas Mavericks,” Downs said. “We’ve done this before. We can do it again. The whole city is behind you. The whole city.”

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