Man With Masonry Trowel Grabs Child Inside Allen Whataburger

The man reportedly struck an employee with the trowel on his way out of the restaurant

A man grabbed a 6-year-old child by the arm and struck an employee with a masonry trowel at an Allen Whataburger Tuesday afternoon, police say.

The incident happened at about 2:21 p.m. Tuesday at a Whataburger in the 300 block of Stacey Road, Allen police said.

Officers received a call that a man carrying a masonry trowel was pacing the store and talking himself, police said.

Police said a caller told them Whataburger staff asked the man to leave several times, and at one point the man grabbed a 6-year-old by the arm and said, "You are coming with me."

Police said the 6-year-old's uncle was nearby and pulled the child away.

When Whataburger staff escorted the man out of the restaurant, he struck one of the employees with the trowel before he climbed into his vehicle and crashed it on Stacey Road, police said.

In the crash, the man sustained a head injury and was taken to Medical City McKinney, where it was determined he had a mental health problem, police said.

The man was taken to a mental health facility for evaluation, police said.

Allen police said the man would be charged with assault and attempted child abduction.

Whataburger Corporate Communications issued the following statement Tuesday night.

"To put it simply, today's events were terrifying for our team members and the family involved. Employee and customer safety is always our top priority. We're grateful for the swift action by our manager on duty, who fortunately only suffered minor injuries, and to the Allen Police Department. Because this is an ongoing investigation, we ask any additional questions be referred to APD as we continue supporting their efforts."

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