Makeover Begins at Denton Mall

Renovations underway at Golden Triangle Mall

The Golden Triangle Mall in Denton is getting a makeover, and shoppers can finally see the changes taking shape. The mall is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation in an attempt to attract more shoppers and businesses.

The indoor renovations are currently taking place, and the outdoor renovations will begin in September. Shoppers can expect to see new retail, restaurants and a food court when the remodel is complete. The mall's general manager, Matt Ludemann, said the changes have been needed for a long time.

"We have now made it to the point where we can start the renovations and get this property moving forward to where it should be," Ludemann said.

Despite the construction, shoppers are excited about the changes.

"I remember when this mall was built, and it was really fantastic," shopper Darla Chupp said. "Well, it's aged."

Golden Triangle Mall is under new ownership after it went into foreclosure in 2010. The new investors are pumping money into the renovations. They are expected to be complete in 2013.

"I am glad to see a food court. I'm glad to see a face lift, and I am glad they are going to make it look more appealing inside and out," Chupp said.

Shoppers said the makeover is a welcomed change to a mall that's been waiting for revival.

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