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Make Money By Renting Out Your Newly Purchased Belongings

If you have your eye on a new car or maybe a pricey new handbag and can't quite afford it, there's an app for that. There are multiple services out there that let you buy items new and make money off of them, if you're willing to share.

Many of the things we want or need sit around for hours on end and aren't used at all. Why not buy that new car or boat, and let someone pay to use it when you're not?

Boat Bound is like an AirBnB for your boat. You list your nice new boat and people pay to use it when you're not. The company says just two rentals a month would pay for all the pricey expenses that come with owning a boat. If you rent it out a little bit more you could help pay the boat off using the money from renters.

It's not just big things that are up for rent.

Style Lend lets you rent out the clothes in your closet. You can send off several outfits, and the company will send them to renters for you. You can get them back when you're ready to wear them again. The company splits the profits with you, but if you have designer clothes you could make hundreds of dollars a week just by sharing.

If your backyard is pretty enough for a wedding, you can rent it out, too, using The Hitch. You're making money and often helping others solve their problems at a fraction of the cost of buying something outright.

If you have a lot of space on your property, you can rent out your land to people to camp on, using GlampingHub.

And if you want to save someone a trip to the post office, you can make money by delivering their packages using CitizenShipper or Roadie.

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