Longtime Police Officer Retires

Officer served on the force since 1971

Corporal Hans Bryson spent more than 38 years on the Dallas Police Department, a career marked by numerous awards and commendations.

Cpl. Bryson developed a reputation for identifying and recovering stolen 18 wheelers and cargo trailers. In just the past two years, he helped recover $40 million in stolen property.

"Doing this job in the patrolman's position basically for 38 1/2 years is a huge accomplishment, cause most people don't last that long," said his son, Kevin, who followed in his father's footsteps and is now a Lewisville police officer.

"He's made a difference not only with the people that he worked with here, but the citizens," said his son, Kevin. "And even the people that he's had to put in jail he's always treated them with dignity and respect, and they always will remember that."

Bryson has many memories from his time on the force, some funny, like when he put a a scruffy-looking guy in a headlock during the 1984 Republican National Convention.

"About that time, two secret service agents stuck their head around the corner and said, that's ok, that's the presidents son," Bryson said. "It turns out it was President Ronald Reagan's son, Ron."

But other memories are tough, like those surrounding Officer Johnnie Hartwell, who was killed in the line of duty back in November 1971.

"They walked on the truck just for a minor traffic violation, passenger on the passenger side got out and shot Hartwell point blank," Bryson said. "I jumped out and helped Hartwell, and he died in my arms . That's probably the hardest thing, to have him die in my arms."

Bryson said he always enjoyed working the streets and never sought a promotion. He is happy to give up his gun and spend a little time doing nothing.

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