Lombardi Sweater Bought at Thrift Store Could Bring Thousands at Auction

Heritage Auctions will auction off a sweater NFL Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi wore while he coached at West Point.

It's proof that you never know what you might find at a thrift store. The sweater was purchased for 58-cents at a Goodwill Store in North Carolina last summer.

While the sweater has "Lombardi 46" hand-written on a label inside, the man who bought the sweater didn't know it was really Lombardi's sweater until he saw a special on TV.

"A Vince Lombardi documentary came on and him and his wife were watching it and they actually saw Vince Lombardi wearing the actual sweater," said Chris Merat with Heritage Auctions in Dallas.

The sweater is worth an estimated $10,000 and is expected to sell for even more.

Bidding continues through February 21.

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