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Let Wayne Buy It: Baseboard Buddy

Big, white, bright baseboards are a staple in so many of our homes, but cleaning them can be a hassle.

The Baseboard Buddy promises to help, as a fast and easy way to clean both baseboards and moldings.

Susan Lackey's home is right out of a magazine. She loves to clean, but there is one little problem.

"I have four cats, which almost qualifies me as a crazy cat lady," Lackey said. "They walk by, and fur falls off."

Lackey saw a commercial for the Baseboard Buddy and let Wayne buy it.

After wetting the pad and applying to the wall at a 45-degree angle, they got their answer.

"I love it! I love it," Lackey said.

We took a look before and after, and the Baseboard Buddy did a good job removing the dirt.

"It's a simple problem, and a simple solution," said Lackey, who plans to add it to her FMP — "Fur Management Plan."

If you have a product you're curious about trying out, tell us at and let Wayne buy it.

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