Lavon Marina Starts Moving Process

Rising water means businesses on Lake Lavon have to shell out big bucks and relocate.

This week, the Collin Park Marina started its process of moving to shallower waters.

They moved because of drought two and a half years ago.

This month, rising water forced their hand into having to move again.

“This is day one,” said Marina Manager Joe Castro, adding that depending on the weather, the moving process could take either days or close to a month.
“The water level rising – it always catches you off guard.”

Richard Killen of Stovall Corporation was part of the team taking apart the marina’s fuel system on Tuesday.

It’s the first step before the marina can move piece by piece around the corner of the lake to a sheltered cove.

Killen says he and his coworkers had to build a temporary extension to the access the dock and walkway to the marina after water rose about one foot in 24 hours, covering the original pathway.

“It looks like they need to get in here and [move] fast– because there’s more rain coming,” he said.

According to Castro, moving the pieces of the dock will have to wait for a calm day with no wind and still water.

They’re hoping to have the marina fully relocated in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Neighboring boat rental business Lavon Water Sports has already relocated into the cove.

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