North Texas

Latest Tracking on Tropical Storm Earl

Tropical Storm Earl is almost a Hurricane, with Hurricane Warnings in place for the Bay Islands of Honduras.

The winds in Earl are 70 mph with higher gusts. Earl is moving west around 14 mph and will make landfall in Belize today as a category 1 hurricane.

Eight-to-12 inches of rain will fall in parts of Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and the Yucatan Peninsula with a storm surge of three to five feet.

A broad area of high pressure to the north of the storm is keeping Earl on a westward path (the same high keeping North Texas hot and dry). Earl will weaken over the Yucatan Peninsula but then will restrengthen over the Bay of Campeche and head towards Mexico.

In the eastern Pacific, Tropical Storm Howard is winding down. The remnants of Howard will brush by the Northern Hawaiian Islands bringing high surf.

Tropical Storm Ivette will be moving across cooler waters and is not expected to strengthen.

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